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Introduction to Primal In Poole

My name is Anne and I live in Poole in Dorset with my husband Mark. We were both in the I.T. industry for many years but found ourselves surplus to requirements when the rise of the global I.T. market made it cheaper for our jobs to be done abroad. These days I earn a ‘crust’ teaching yoga.

In March 2012 we adopted a Primal Lifestyle and two months later I started this blog to help me live Primal Blueprint Law #10 Use Your Mind.

Neither of us are in full time employment so we are living primally on a low budget. I hope that reading about our experiences will help to dispel the idea that the primal lifestyle is not accessible to those living on a restricted income. Through this blog you will find hints and tips on how to live primally for less including advice on growing and preserving your own food and making intelligent budgetary induced compromises. Although quality meat and veggies are dearer you can offset this with the money saved by not buying grains and processed foods. You owe it to yourself to do the best you can. Don’t use your low income as an excuse for not making changes.

Living primally requires us to consume the highest quality foods that we can. Through Primal in Poole I will share with you local sources of high quality, value for money meat and veg and links to websites where I source the foods I can’t buy locally.

Primal lifestyle people are a resourceful, generous bunch and they have put a wealth of free information on the web. On this website you will discover some of the sites that I have found particularly useful or helpful.

The Primal Lifestyle

Some people use the terms Primal and Paleo interchangeably. On Primal in Poole the term paleo is used to denote a dairy free diet and primal where dairy is included in the diet. We include dairy in our diet hence ‘Primal in Poole’.

Listen to this podcast from Abel James (aka the ‘FatBurningMan’) for a short introduction to the paleo/primal lifestyle.


Poole is a large coastal town and seaport in the county of Dorset, on the south coast of England.

Poole is famous for:

  • second largest natural harbour in the world (after Sydney)
  • home of RNLI, Sunseeker International and Ryvita
  • Some of the world’s most expensive real estate is in Sandbanks (4th in 2008). I don’t live in Sandbanks!
  • Marconi made the first radio transmission from Sandbanks in 1896
  • Brownsea, an island in the harbour, was the site of the first ever scout camp.
  • Brownsea is one of the last refuges in the south of England of the indigenous Red Squirrel
  • More trivia about Poole from Poole Tourism

Promotional video from Poole Tourism shot through a rose coloured lens!

How it was when I was a kid


Poole Tourism


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