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March 24th – 30th is Tick Bite Prevention Week. Find out more at We all need to be tick aware because tick bites can give you nasty diseases.  On the website there is this leaflet about keeping your pets safe. My people have got a couple of tick removal tools (one for big ticks and one for smaller ticks!) to help us remove a tick safely if we get bitten.

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  1. Too true. A friend of mine contracted Lymes disease from a tick bite. It was hell and all to put it right. . . as best as could be done. We were walking in Scotland a few years later and she noticed that I had two ticks on my arm. Now this was a lady who was now prepared for the event. . . out came an array of tick removal tools, magic liquids and God knows what else. I was very grateful for her help. The tick head mustn’t stay in your skin and in any event should be removed in less than 24 hrs. (So I am led to believe) The next day, on my return to England I discovered to my horror the remnants of a tick in the back of my knee. Unless you are some sort of contortionist working on the back of your knee is almost impossible, especially on a job that really needs three hands and not the two we have. I strained and contorted and dug a big hole with a needle around the offending and long dead creature and finally removed it. I then spent the next weeks praying that the tell tale signs of lymes disease didn’t turn up. Thank you God. So after that scare I determined that prevention is better than cure . . . of which there isn’t !! So take the advice offered and keep yourself tick free … little devils.

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