Introducing Elsa

Just over a week ago we brought home our new housemate, a yellow labrador retriever called Elsa. Our lives have been turned upside down by her arrival accounting for the lack of posts recently. We have had plenty of opportunities to live Primal Law #6 Play and #10 Use your mind (as in how to keep one step ahead of an 8 week old puppy!) but not so much Law #5 Get lots of sleep! Here is Elsa in the garden shortly after we brought her home.

Elsa, the day she arrived

Last Monday we took Elsa to the Vet’s for her first jab. The vaccination made her very lethargic. After she had recovered somewhat, she dug a big hole!

Labrador puppy digging a hole

Elsa, digging a hole

The Vet suggested that we took Elsa to the beach at low tide and let her walk on the wet sand so early on Wednesday morning we went down to Branksome Chine. Elsa took sea and sand in her stride but was frightened by some bouncy, barking dogs that appeared further along the shore.

puppy at the beach

Elsa at the beach

Labrador puppy at the beach

Elsa at the beach

We are feeding Elsa raw meaty bones. The Vet said he didn’t have a problem with a raw diet but went on to relate a few horror stories about a couple of dogs getting bones stuck in their throats and another dog getting salmonella! When I was young one of our dogs choked to death on a tennis ball sized ball so personally I am more worried about the dog having one of them than a meaty bone. And I have friends whose kibble fed dogs regularly get food poisoning from something they snuffle up when Mum isn’t looking.

I have filmed Elsa eating a chicken leg and a mackerel. The videos are on YouTube so if you want to see what an 8 week old pup is capable of have a look. They are rather long because they show the whole eating experience which I thought might be helpful to others considering whether or not to feed their pup on RMB. So feel free to ffw through the film. Just a few days on and Elsa is getting much more adept, and quicker, at disposing of a chicken leg.

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