Foods and plants that are poisonous to your dog

Most doggie people know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs but I was surprised to learn that other foods, including grapes, onions, macadamia nuts and the stones from fruit, are also highly toxic. I wouldn’t deliberately feed our dog the foods listed but until now I wouldn’t have thought anything of it if the dog had hoovered up a grape or two that had dropped to the floor. Who would have dreamed that a few grapes could kill a small dog or puppy?

There are a lot of plants that are also poisonous to dogs. The list of poisonous plants in the Dogs Trust list of poisonous plants, garden and household substances runs to 8 pages! We have a number of plants on this list in our garden. Fortunately many of these are in the front garden where the dog will always be under supervision.

In the area of the garden where Elsa, our labrador pup, will have free access there are some problem plants including 3 listed as ‘can be fatal’. There are an apricot and a morello cherry growing in pots on the patio. These can be moved when they start to produce fruit. There is also a rhubard plant which I will move when it dies down.

The privet hedge which runs along the boundary I can do nothing about. Likewise the ivy which persistently tries to overrun the garden. I’m not so worried about these as apparently they are only a problem if eaten in large quantities. The garden I lived in as a kid had privet hedges and ivy and I don’t recall any of our dogs eating them. I will be vigilant though.

Indoors we have a number of Peace Lily plants positioned near electrical equipment acting as air purifiers. A couple of these are currently on the floor and will have to be moved up above puppy height or removed altogether because the Peace Lily is also poisonous to dogs.

Check out these links to learn how to perform emergency first aid on your dog. It just might save their life. May we never need to use it.

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2 Responses to Foods and plants that are poisonous to your dog

  1. Richard says:

    No one should ever doubt your commitment to research and application. . . which is why I always listen to you. I think that dogs are likely to also have instincts without research. . . we hope !. Our family dog would occaisionally sleep under the rhubarb leaves in summer but she never ate any … with or without custard. Our dog was a rescue dog . . . my dad gave a bloke a shilling and took it off him as he kept the dog tied up on an allotment. Good old dog that, happy memories. . . as I’m sure you too will have.

    • primalanne says:

      A lovely shaggy dog story.
      I too am sure animals are pretty sensible when it comes to what is good for them but over the last few years I have heard of several dogs who have been very ill after eating things in the garden. Perhaps being fed boring, processed food they no longer can recognise real food or maybe they are trying to replace something that is lacking, or maybe it is the lack of mental stimulation, adequate exercise etc. I remember someone once said that considering the amount of time dogs spend with humans it’s surprising that they aren’t totally screwed up… perhaps our canine companions are finally are heading that way.
      Only 7 more sleeps before the pup arrives!

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