How to Pick Real Olive Oil

I was alarmed to read about adulterated extra virgin olive oil (e.v.o.o.) in How to Pick Real Olive Oil | Mark’s Daily Apple. When you buy an expensive, premium product from a reliable source you wouldn’t imagine that you are not getting what you are paying for.

Whenever e.v.o.o. is on offer in the supermarket I buy a couple of bottles and stick them in the store cupboard. I looked to see what was there and found the following brands:

  • Napolina Special Selection evoo
  • Filippo Berio Special Selection evoo
  • Filippo Berio evoo
  • Sainsbury’s (a UK supermarket) Holiblanca evoo

I put them into the fridge and set the temperature as low as possible. I am pleased to report that they all passed the test. The Holiblanca solidified the quickest (around 24 hours) and the other brands took another 12 hours or so. Although I know from the article that this is not definitive proof of purity of product it was good enough for me.

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