Chicken livers and beef kidney for the pup

It’s two weeks today that we bring home our new pup! We’re getting very excited as we prepare for her arrival.

When I was growing up our dogs at home were fed on raw meat and dog biscuits, at least they were until my father died. With his death the source of the raw meat dried up (he worked in a slaughter-house) and there weren’t the funds to feed the dog fresh meat from the butcher’s so we switched to tinned dog food. It may be a coincidence but the dog with the major health problem (diabetes) was the dog who only got the raw meat diet for the first couple of years of her life.

When we decided to get a dog it seemed only natural to me that it should eat raw meat but reading all the advice about dog owning I became aware of the enormous pressure to feed your dog convenient, ‘complete’, junk food (aka kibble). The implication is that feeding real food is a bad thing for our pets and I began to experience doubts about whether I could or even should be feeding that way. Then I read articles such as this one by Mark Sisson and devoured the books “Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs”  by Lew Olson and “Raw Dog Food” by dog owner Carina Macdonald which bolstered my conviction that dogs should eat real food and increased my confidence to successfully feed the pup a raw food diet.

It is recommended that offal (liver, kidney etc) make up 10% of a dog’s diet so when I was in our local supermarket I decided to check out what was available. Not being able to resist a bargain I had to buy a couple of the packs of chicken livers that had been knocked down to 64p for a 400g pack. When I got them home I ground them up and then put the mince into ice cube trays and froze it. Each cube is the right amount for one day and freezing in individual portions will make it easy to defrost just the right amount. 800g of chicken livers filled 4 ice cube trays – about enough for 3 months. A little goes a long way!

I also bought some beef kidney. This too was ground up and frozen in individual portions. 1lb of kidney gave me enough for 3 – 4 weeks. Now all we need is the pup!

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2 Responses to Chicken livers and beef kidney for the pup

  1. Richard says:

    I just pray that the meals don’t get mixed up when I visit in September, whereas all yor other recipes almost entice me to move home to Dorset these new menus make me think emmigration may be better … still the dog won’t be able to compare stuff .. it will naturally just eat it …. you hope !!! Happy doggy days to come, Richard

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