Road trip

The day after visiting Tilly and her pups we headed to the West Country for a few days. Our yoga teacher, Diane Long, is over from Italy giving workshops in the south west of England. PrimalMan and I attended 5 workshops: 2 in Bristol, one in Kelston and 2 in Totnes. We worked hard, met up with old friends and had fun. I’ve got lots of things to look at over the coming months.

We managed to stick to the Primal diet pretty well while we were away. We had cooked breakfast every day and lots of salads. We did have to make a few concessions. We ate some potato, a few green beans and whatever rusk was in the sausages that we ate for breakfast! We consoled ourselves that eating the potatoes wasn’t so bad as we were being fairly active and that green beans aren’t as poisonous as beans. We tried not to think too much about what might be in the sausages.

One of the places that we stayed in had a set of scales in the bathroom. I don’t know exactly how much I weighed when we started living primally but I have lost in the realm of 1 1/2 stone (21 pounds). There is still some way to go before I ‘look good naked’. PrimalMan has last 14 pounds.

Now that we’re home we’re back on the straight and narrow as far as diet is concerned.

We’re also back house-hunting. Yesterday we viewed 3 properties with large gardens. Exhausting! One of the houses would be a possibility but it’s over our budget and we’ve still not got a buyer for our place.

I haven’t done the 100-up exercise for well over a week and, other than carting luggage about, I haven’t been lifting heavy things either. My intentions are good but time is limited. I am going to make more effort over the next couple of weeks as I can see that I won’t be doing so much when Elsa arrives at the end of the month.

I bought a tray of rump steak at the street market in town on Thursday. We’ve eaten a couple of steaks and I made some jerky with the rest. In the past the trimmings would have either gone into the stock pot or been binned. Instead I minced them up to make 6 puppy meals which have been bagged up and frozen.

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