Blueberry Harvest

The winter before last we bought a couple of blueberry bushes. Blueberries require an acid soil. Our soil is alkaline so I am growing them on the patio in pots of ericaceous compost. Last year I removed all the flowers that appeared to prevent the plants from fruiting and encourage them to put all their energy into developing good root systems. This year the bushes have been allowed to fruit.

Blueberries & bird scarer

Blueberries & bird scarer

The local bird population developed a taste for the hard, green, unripe berries (no accounting for taste!) and began to strip the bushes.

A few old CDs with eyes drawn on them hung among the branches have worked as a deterrent and the remaining blueberries have been ripening.

Blueberry Harvest

Blueberry Harvest

I’ve been picking the berries a few at a time as they have been ripening but yesterday there were a lot of ripe berries and I picked a punnet full. We gorged on them, saved some for today and froze the rest.

There are about as many berries again yet to ripen. We’ve been very satisfied with our first year’s harvest.

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