English Seaside Holiday

While PrimalMan was away last week teaching yoga and training aikido in Kefalonia I hired a beach hut at Branksome Chine for a seaside holiday at home! A week by the sea in ‘flaming June’, thoughts of frolicking in the sea, building sandcastles, walking along the beach and through the chines, snoozing in the sun, reading… What I got was rain, torrential rain and howling winds. The sun put in a brief appearance the afternoon I picked up the key and on the Friday but sulked for the rest of the week. When the sun did come out the wind made it too cold to expose much flesh! Very primal but not so pleasant or good for topping up the tan or vitamin D levels and certainly not what I had had in mind at all.

Here are my holiday snaps:

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One Response to English Seaside Holiday

  1. Richard says:

    All I can say is how lucky you were, we had to put up with warm comfortable evenings and daily constant bright sunshine withlight winds on occasion, even the warm 34 dgrees wasn’t enough to put off the stray mosquito that hunted us down and the constancy of hard labour and change of diet was only offset by the occasional treat that Grok would never have , , , turkish delight. Mmm how I envy your exciting summer holiday. I remember summer last year too . . . I think it was on a wednesday . . . I’m off to hunt down a breakfast now.

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