Pork Rillettes Again

The last time that I made pork rillettes the meat rendered little fat. Reflecting on this, I wondered if this had anything to do with cooking the pork in a fan oven. I thought that this time I would try using the small top oven.

Generally I hold this little oven in contempt. When we first replaced my dear old gas oven I was enthusiastic. Not having to waste energy (and money) heating the main oven when I was only cooking a small item seemed a cracking idea. After a succession of partially cooked food and delayed meal times I soon became disillusioned with it and it fell into disuse as an oven although I do still use it as a grill sometimes. I decided to give the little oven another chance. I figured slow cooking a piece of belly pork at a fairly low temperature should be within its capabilities.

The pork cooked fine. But when I took it out of the oven I realised that I had forgotten to remove the skin before cooking it. It didn’t seem to matter. The skin came of very easily. And there was plenty of fat.

It turn out perfect and tasted very scrummy!

pork rillettes turned out well

pork rillettes – well turned out

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