Son of Hibachi – Attempt #2

I had a second attempt at using our new Son of Hibachi grill. I didn’t have much more success than the first time.

Easy to light – I used 2 firelighters this time. It was easy to light but as in the previous attempt the charcoal briquettes did not burn well/at all.

Ready in 10 mins – No, definitely not. After 30 mins perhaps half of the charcoal showed some signs of been affected by flame but only around 6 pieces actually were grey and they weren’t giving off much heat. It took 30 mins to cook a burger! I suppose at least the burger didn’t burn on the outside! None of the briquettes on the front edge of the grill (side of ash box opening) lit.

Closes up clean – yes

Self-cleaning grill – Doesn’t seem to work too well. Perhaps it is because the coals aren’t really hot enough.

Self-extinguishing – This time I:

    • closed it up to self-clean the grills
    • left the grill with the damper on for 10 minutes
    • put the grill in the snuff out pouch

Putting the grill in the pouch did snuff out the charcoal successfully. Interestingly after doing this ALL the charcoal briquettes showed signs of burning. I’m wondering whether I would have more success when lighting the grill if I closed the damper more than the recommended 1″.

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