Son of Hibachi – Attempt #1

Last year we bought a Son of Hibachi grill but didn’t get the opportunity to use it. We took it with us when we went away for a few days but rain stopped play. Yesterday lunchtime, during a break in the rain, I took the opportunity to try it out for the first time.

The selling features of Son of Hibachi are:

  • super portable
  • easy to light
  • ready in 10 mins
  • closes up clean
  • self-cleaning grill
  • self extinguishing

Portable –  it is, light it is not. You wouldn’t want to carry this baby too far.

Easy to light – it is

Ready in 10 mins – No, definitely not. I used charcoal briquettes. 20 minutes after lighting only those next to the ash drawer had actually caught. There wasn’t enough heat to cook anything. I used another firelighter in the ash box. After 30 minutes around half of the briquettes had caught. Just enough to cook my lunch but wouldn’t have been enough if I’d had guests. I eventually got to eat 1 1/4 hours after I first lit the grill. A quick search on the internet revealed quite a few others have had similar difficulties in getting the charcoal lit although many seem to have no problems. Some of those who had problems said they later had more success with charcoal pieces rather than briquettes. It is currently raining again! If is stops then I will have another go later.

Closes up clean – yes, but remember to put the grills on the setting nearest the coals first!

Self-cleaning grill – I haven’t checked yet.

Self-extinguishing – Not sure! Smoke continued to come from the unit for some time after I closed it up. In fact I left it and went off for a walk. The manufacturers state that you can put the grill in the snuff out pouch straight away but inside the bag it says to wait 30 minutes. Conflicting advice. I left mine out of the bag so I’ll see whether there is any re-usable charcoal when I open it next.


Self-cleaning grill – Yes, the bits of food were burnt off. But lots of ash on the grill.

Self-extinguishing – Most of the briquettes had completely burned away. A few small bit left and lots of ash. I guess that this means that you must use the snuff out pouch to completely extinguish and be able to save unused charcoal for another time.

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