Primal Anne’s Log Earth Date 7/6/2012


Breakfast: pork patty, fried egg, grilled tomato

Lunch: mini dressed crab & mini shellfish selection (both reduced price in Waitrose yesterday) and half avocado with mayo; apricot & raspberry ‘crumble’

Supper: Indian takeaway


Beverages: lemon juice in water (1), black tea & milk (several), coffee with cream (1), water (3), dandelion tea (0)

Hunter/Gathering: Down to Reynolds van in the town for a tray of rump steak. They also had some oxtails so I bought a couple for us and one for Mum. Popped ours into the freezer.

In the kitchen:

      • Dehydrating: no grain granola based on a recipe in Excalibar’s ‘Preserve it Naturally’ book. Ingredients included: walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, apple, cinnamon, chia seeds, linseed, honey, Celtic salt, dates & raisins.

        This slideshow requires JavaScript.

      • Curing: leg of pork (making air-dried ham)
      • Fermenting: sauerkraut

In the garden:

      • Picking: broad beans, peas, strawberries
      • Planting:


Move around a lot at a slow paceshort walk into town and back

Sleep/Rest: 6 hours – glad to be back in my own dear little bed!

Play: massage

Sunlight: No. Howling gale and torrential downpours

Avoid trauma: Yes.

Avoid Poisons: couple of spoonfuls white rice

Use your mind:

    • Blogged
    • Socialised: visited Mum

Primal Challenge (avoid using p.c. after 7pm): Yes

Anne’s Primal Challenge (100-up): No.

Concessions: couple of spoonfuls white rice

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