Primal Anne’s Log Earth Date 6/6/2012


Breakfast: 2 x hard boiled eggs, slice ham

Lunch: chili beef

Supper: prosciutto wrapped ham, asparagus, garden peas

Snacks: strawberries, blueberries

Beverages: lemon juice in water (0), black tea & milk (several), coffee with cream (0), water (2), dandelion tea (0), Costa Coffee cappuccino (1)

Hunter/Gathering: Having returned from a couple of nights away we needed provisions. We went to Waitrose armed with a voucher for £10 off the bill when you spend £60 torn from Mum’s Saturday paper. Waitrose had marked down produce on or close to it’s sell by date. We bought reduced price:

    • line caught tuna
    • wild Alaskan salmon fillets
    • buffalo burgers
    • buffalo meatballs
    • minced organic pork

and popped it all into the freezer. 

Pork patties

Pork patties ready to be froze

Watching the pennies: We bought 3 x 500g packs of minced pork which I seasoned with Celtic salt, sage and a pinch of allspice and formed it into patties. I saved two for tomorrow’s breakfast and froze the rest. I made 18 good sized patties at a cost of just over 50p each. The patties were frozen individually before being bagged up. I did this to make it easier to take just how many you want at one time from the freezer.

In the kitchen:

      • Dehydrating:
      • Curing: leg of pork (making air-dried ham)
      • Fermenting: sauerkraut

In the garden:

      • Picking: broad beans, strawberries
      • Planting:



    • 30-up single leg preparatory exercise
    • 100-up minor

Sleep/Rest: couple of hours at most


Sunlight: some through the car window but generally overcast with showers

Avoid trauma: Yes.

Avoid Poisons: pease

Use your mind:

    • Blogged
    • Socialised: visiting in-laws

Primal Challenge (avoid using p.c. after 7pm): Yes

Anne’s Primal Challenge (100-up): Yes.

Concessions: peas.

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