Veggie Box 1/6/2012

The quality of the contents of the veggie box from Riverford have been disappointing over the past few weeks. The veggies, especially the green leafy stuff and the carrots, have been going off before we can get around to eating them. Traditionally it is a difficult time of year for the farmers (the so called ‘hungry gap’ when there isn’t much in season) but the weather over the past 2 0r 3 months has exacerbated their problems. Whilst I am sympathetic to their plight I cannot afford to waste food. This week I cancelled our regular box and only ordered what we can use over the weekend or which keeps well.

This morning I took delivery of:

  • milk
  • double cream
  • oranges
  • lemons
  • tomatoes
  • lettuce
  • portabello mushrooms
  • butternut squash

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