Primal Anne’s Log Earth Date 31/5/2012


Breakfast: baked eggs with bacon bits

Lunch: rump steak, grilled tomato, broad beans, sauerkraut

Supper: avocado and prawns with mayo

Snacks: raspberries and blueberries with a spoonful of sheep’s yogurt, small piece dark choc Easter egg, beef jerky

Beverages: lemon juice in water (1), black tea & milk (several), coffee with cream (1), water (several), dandelion tea (1)


      • picked broad beans
      • bought tray of rump steak and 12lb leg of pork from the Reynolds van in the street market. Going to have a go at making air dried ham with the pork. The piece cost £18.

Watching the pennies:

In the kitchen:

      • Dehydrating: beef jerky
      • Curing: belly pork (makin’ bacon)
      • Fermenting: sauerkraut

In the garden:

      • Picking: broad beans
      • Planting:


Move around a lot at a slow pace: into town and back (20 minutes each way)

Lift heavy things:


    • 30-up single leg preparatory exercise
    • 100-up minor

Sleep/Rest: circa 5 hours sleep


Sunlight: Overcast but did get plenty of daylight

Avoid trauma: Yes.

Avoid Poisons: broad beans, Hellmann’s mayo (aargh! I thought that this was a ‘least damaging’ option, Hellmann’s blurb says “America’s #1 Mayonnaise is made with real*, simple ingredients: eggs, oil and vinegar.Hellmann’s® is also committed to using certified cage-free eggs in our products.** Our authentic mayonnaise is rich in Omega 3-ALA (contains 650 mg ALA per serving, 40% of the 1.6g Daily Value for ALA, 10g fat, and 1.5g saturated fat.)” but a look online reveals the ingredients include soybean oil (SOYBEAN OIL, WATER, WHOLE EGGS AND EGG YOLKS, VINEGAR, SALT, SUGAR, LEMON JUICE, CALCIUM DISODIUM EDTA (USED TO PROTECT QUALITY), NATURAL FLAVORS. GLUTEN-FREE). I won’t be buying any more Hellmann’s.

Use your mind:

    • Blogged
    • taught yoga class

Primal Challenge (avoid using p.c. after 7pm): Yes.

Anne’s Primal Challenge (100-up): Yes.

Concessions: Hellmann’s mayo, broad beans

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