Continuing the Primal Challenge – no p.c. after 7pm

The challenge, issued by Mark Sisson, not to use the p.c. after 7pm each day for 1 week has ended. Although there were times during the past week when I wanted to turn the p.c. on, I resisted. It wasn’t especially difficult but, strangely, more annoying to do than giving up grains!

Prior to the challenge it had been a growing concern of mine how much of my time is gobbled by the box and the internet. It has been good, therefore, to set aside some p.c. free time each day.

I find that part of me is secretly happy that the challenge is now over. I guess that means that one week hasn’t been long enough to establish a healthy relationship with my p.c. and that I will soon be back to my old ways. Therefore I have decided to continue with the challenge until I feel that I am in control of p.c. usage.

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