Primal Blueprint Law #4 is run really fast every once in a while. 

I have spent most of my life adopting strategies to avoid having to run. Things like volunteering to be in goal at school sports (being hit by a hockey ball is definitely better than having to run) and getting to the bus stop in good time so there will be no necessity to run for the bus (unless it’s early that is).

Although I avoid running like the plague I do know a bit about it. PrimalMan did chronic cardio for years (p.b.for marathon of 2 hours 52 min) and many of our friends and family run – or did. So I have seen first hand the damage running can do (PrimalMan required a knee op.).  Out and about I see many runners and joggers with very poor running style who are doing their bodies no good at all. If I’m gonna run I want it to do only positive things for me and I don’t want to damage myself.

Since adopting the Primal Lifestyle I have improved my fitness by walking more and lifting heavy things but I haven’t got to grips with the sprinting yet. I have shown willing and broken into a trot for a few yards – enough to make me puff – and I’ve tried to keep upright, lift my knees and not over-stride as I run. But it’s hard to assess yourself and I don’t feel very confident about it. So I was pleased to come across the 100-up exercise devised by the legendary 19th century runner W.G.George. George’s world record for the 1 mile was not surpassed for 30 years! Author Christopher McDougall came across George’s exercise in an out-of-print book and wrote about it in an article in the New York Times called “The Once and Future Way to Run” in November 2011. NaturalRunningStore.com has made a video demonstrating the exercise and have a fascimile of George’s book available as a free download from their site.

This running training technique seems to be just the thing to help me establish a good running style. I have challenged myself to do 100-up every day.

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