And a disappointment – breadstick recipe review

In my wanderings over the web I came across this recipe for the easiest breadsticks ever. I’ve never really ‘got’ the point of breadsticks anymore than I have why restaurants give you bread as soon as you sit down. Useful, I guess, if you are ravenous or they are going to take a long time to serve you your food or you would otherwise be drinking on an empty stomach but no other reason as far as I can see. Anyway, I digress.

I thought these would make a change from crackers for dunking in guacamole which is how I came to make them yesterday.

125g drained weight of mozzarella fitted snuggly into 1/2 cup so I shredded 1/2 cup of cooked chicken and blitzed the two together in my mini food processor. I pressed the resultant mix into a lined bread pan, sprinkled it with herbs and spices and slung it into the oven.

When it came out 20 minutes later it’s consistency was that of an egg custard. I let it cool and turned it out. If firmed a little as it cooled but the end result was more cheesecake texture than breadstick. It certainly wasn’t up to the job of dunking. It was too soft and broke on being touched. The recipe says that if the sticks come out moist then you can pop them back in the oven and cook them slightly longer. I think they would need to be cooked a lot longer.

Anne’s tasting rating: It tastes like chicken

Overall: These were disappointing. I don’t think that they tasted special enough to warrant trying this recipe again. It seemed a waste of good buffalo mozzarella. I would have rather eaten it alone.

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3 Responses to And a disappointment – breadstick recipe review

  1. Jamie says:

    Ooh! That doesn’t sound like it turned out right at all! Mine should definitely be dense and almost crunchy after a day on the counter after baking; not cheesecakey. Who wants to eat chicken cheesecake? I’m with you on the ewwie factor. Granted, too, we might have different mozzarellas… I use cheap, store shred, which tends to be more solid than soft.

  2. Jamie says:

    It bums me out that yours didn’t turn out sexylicious. You deserve all fabulous things. As a Wisconsinite, I just don’t know if I could fully live in a world sans cheese. I love it. Love love love love love marry love love it.

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