Primal Anne’s Log Earth Date 19/5/2012


Breakfast: two baked eggs with chopped bacon below & lemon juice in water.

Lunch: left-over chili beef

Supper: steak, mashed squash, baby broad beans, fried courgette coins (fried in butter).

Snacks: beef jerky; walnut & macadamia nuts; blueberries & raspberries with a dollop of the goats milk yogurt; a chunk of my dark chocolate Easter egg. Thumbs up to the yogurt from both PrimalMan and myself.

Beverages: Coffee & cream (1), black tea & milk (several), water (3), nettle tea (1)

Hunter/Gathering: venison steak & local grown veggies from the Farmers Market in Winton and various from Waitrose in Winton (read my blog entry Farmers Market – Winton)


Move around a lot at a slow pace: walked from Charmister to WInton and back (not actually that far!); gardening

Sleep: Poor


    • out & about to Winton

Sunlight: Yes. The sun came out late afternoon while I was working in the garden. Much of the garden was in shade by then but I found a job in the sunny part so I could multi-task (make Vitamin D and weed at the same time).

Avoid trauma: Yes.

Avoid Poisons: Ate young, fresh broad beans

Use your mind:

    • Blogged
    • Browsing the web.

Primal Challenge (avoid using p.c. after 7pm): Yes.

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