Apricot and Raspberry Crumble

Mum came over today for Sunday lunch. The last time she came I made a very scrummy avocado based chocolate mousse.  The question “what to do for a desert?” was in the back of my mind yesterday when I was out shopping. I spotted some fresh apricots and recalled the apricot and raspberry crumble that I made last year. The apricots were in the basket in no time at all. I already had raspberries in the fridge at home so I just needed a paleo/primal alternative for the crumble topping.

apricots and raspberries

apricots and raspberries

There are loads of recipes for crumble on the web. Some of them are coconut flour based while others are based around  ground almonds. I took the topping from Amber Karnes’ Apple Crumble recipe as the basis for my topping.

I used a mix of previously soaked and dehydrated almonds and walnuts (because that’s what I had available), omitted the vanilla (not overly keen on vanilla taste), used dark raisins because that is all I had (golden would have given the topping a lighter colour) and substituted butter for the oil. If it’s crumble it has to be butter! I also used the butter cold straight out of the fridge as you would for a regular crumble.

Apricot and Raspberry Crumble ready for the oven

Apricot and Raspberry Crumble ready for the oven

Apricot & Raspberry Crumble straight out of the oven

Apricot & Raspberry Crumble straight out of the oven

Just add cream (to crumble)

Just add cream…

I served up the crumble with double cream. We finished off a tub from Tesco’s (non-organic) and then started on the tub from Riverford (organic from grass-fed cow juice). The cream from Tesco’s was white in colour while that from Riverford was cream coloured. The colour alone tells you that the cream from Riverford is more nutritious (yellow colouration the result of being grass-fed).

The topping worked really well and we all enjoyed the crumble.

Non-primal Mum’s verdict: “This is lovely.”

Primal Man’s verdict: “It’s really nice.”

Primal Anne’s tasting score: 5/5

While I really enjoyed this crumble, am happy to recommend it and will be using it again I don’t feel it would satisfy a “I want crumble. GIVE ME crumble” moment. Perhaps it doesn’t have enough butter (just thinking a ‘normal’ crumble mix is 1/4 butter) so maybe I’ll trying adding some more next time.

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