Veggie Box 18/5/2012

For about 18 months I have been getting weekly a box of organic veggies from Riverford. I have always had the Seasons selection which  never includes potatoes (lots of carrots though!). Even before becoming Primal we didn’t eat that many potatoes. The box is more than enough for the two of us. To the order I add oranges and lemons and recently I have included milk and double cream. The milk is cheaper than the local Tesco Express organic milk and it is from grass fed cattle and is not homogenised (although it is pasteurised). The double cream is also organic and from grass fed cows. My local store doesn’t sell organic cream so no comparison.

This week the box contained:

  • carrots (again)
  • small onions
  • fennel x3 (aargh! I still have one lurking in the fridge from 2 weeks ago)
  • tomatoes
  • bag of small leaf salad
  • small butternut squash
  • button mushrooms ( a chance to try out one or two of those recipes from the moretomushrooms website)
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