Farmers Market – Winton

I recently found out that there is a Farmers Market over in Winton on the 3rd Saturday of the month. Primal Man and I said we go this morning but he had a better offer last night (yes, it did involve aikido… this time in High Wycombe). Rather than wait another month to check it out I decided that I’d go over by myself on the bus.

In my youth there were a couple of buses an hour between Poole and Winton. Now there is just one and it doesn’t run on Sundays or in the evenings. I decided to take the more frequent M1 bus to Charminster, even though that added 15 minutes to the journey each way, and walk from there. It was an opportunity to move around some more at a slow pace.

Winton Farmers Market

Winton Farmers Market

The market itself is not large but there are some stalls of interest to Primal Lifestyle People. These include stalls selling:

  • local grown fruit and veg
  • game
  • cheese

There were stalls with bacon and sausages etc but all the ones I looked at included  preservatives (which I am trying to avoid as much as possible) and the sausages contained what I consider a high % of rusk. I chatted with one of the stall holders,  until someone who actually wanted to buy something came along, and he said that he didn’t know where you could buy bacon etc without the preservatives. I told him that I have started curing my own bacon and make pork patties as a substitute for sausages. Incidentally, if you don’t mind ingesting preservatives occasionally, Sainsbury’s sells 97% pork sausages, which is about as good as it gets ready made (let me know if you know otherwise).

I thought that I’d just get one new food to try from the game stall. I bought a couple of venison loin fillet steaks. Now I need to find out how to cook them.

And although the veggie box was only delivered yesterday I couldn’t resist buying an enormous, good looking cauliflower and some local grown asparagus. I brought on a bunch of beetroot as well.

Best in Dorset & Forest van

Best in Dorset & Forest van

This Farmers Market comes under the Best in Dorset & Forest umbrella. For more details of this and their other markets visit the Best in Dorset & Forest website. In case you can’t read the notice on the back of the van it reads:

Not well driven? Vent your spleen on 07780 555451 (Driver’s wife!)

While I was in Winton I thought that I would look around and see if there were any other potential food resources.

I came across a medium-sized Waitrose supermarket. I am a new convert to Waitrose. Their fresh food aisles seem to have more to offer Primal Lifestyle People than the other main supermarkets. It is also the only supermarket that I have found, so far, that stock Omega-3 enriched eggs (if you haven’t tried them, do – the yolks look like yolks are meant to!). Today I brought home a few new things to try:

  • organic sheep milk yogurt
  • organic goats milk yogurt
  • Rannoch Smokery smoked chicken (appeared to have no chemicals… not true of the other items in the range). What to do with this?
  • buffalo burgers
  • Seafood & Eat it 100% Cornish brown crab
  • Waitrose own brand Cooks Ingredients Proscuitto crudo (no chemicals listed in ingredients)

Lucky then that I took my shopping trolley with me. I hadn’t expected to do a supermarket shop and didn’t have much cash with me. But how could I miss Green & Blacks 85% organic chocolate at 2 for £3. Fortunately I remembered the emergency £20 note buried in my bag. Must make a note to replace it.

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