Vibram 5 Fingers hacked – literally!

This afternoon I set out in my new Vibram 5 fingers to take a turn around the lake. I have been the proud owner of a pair of 5 fingers Classic for a couple of weeks now. For the first week or so I wore them around the house and then a few days ago I wore them outside for the first time. The first time I wore them I didn’t experience any problems, the second time the back of the right shoe rubbed and my achilles became very sore. I guess the achilles was still tender because today I experienced pain as soon as I put the shoe on – I couldn’t possibly walk in them. Incidentally, before you ask, my right foot is shorter than my left.

The problem seemed to be the thick, hard rib at the back of the heel just below the tab. I considered cutting it off. Then I remembered how much I had paid for the shoes and stayed my hand. So what to do? The shoes weren’t ‘faulty’ so I couldn’t take them back but I couldn’t wear them either. Regardless of the original cost it seemed that there was nothing to be lost by cutting them and so, dear reader, I cut them or at least the right one. Hacked would be a more appropriate word than cut. They were very difficult to cut but eventually I managed to hack away the offending piece until the shoe no longer rubbed. As I was hacking away I wondered if the thick back served some purpose. I couldn’t think of any but if one becomes apparent then I will let you know. Since then I found this review of the Classic which criticises that back flap. Anyway, I went out and walked for 50 mins with no, apparent, problem. 🙂

My Improved Vibram FiveFingers Classic

My Improved Vibram FiveFingers Classic

Greylag goslings in rest in the sunshine

Siesta Time

signets in Poole Park

The new kids on the block

I was talking to a Finnish friend only this morning. She has a pair of Vibram FiveFingers. Apparently in Finland they go barefoot at every opportunity. They don’t wear shoes in the home and the kids don’t wear them in school (they were little slipperette-type things with a non-skid bottom). In the summer she and her family would go barefoot outdoors. She is frustrated that her son has to wear ‘regulation’ type shoes in school here in the U.K. (minimalist shoes not acceptable). Still at least he kicks his shoes off when school is out… and with his mother’s blessing.

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