The beginning…

My primal odyssey began when I read “Pandora’s Seed: Why the Hunter-Gatherer Holds the Key to Our Survival” by Spencer Wells. Trawling the web for more information about a grain-free diet I stumbled upon Mark’s Daily Apple. I immediately signed up to recieve the newsletter and the Primal Blueprint introductory course (both free). Reading the material I was sent I instinctively felt that this described the way we should all be living. And so began our transition to the primal lifestyle.

It’s only two months since my husband and I adopted a primal lifestyle and already we are reaping the benefits. We experienced increased energy levels within days of changing to a grain free diet and we have both lost weight – effortlessly!

My husband was by no means fat (some of his mates have commented they would be satisfied with his ‘before’ weight) but the pounds were beginning to creep on. Already he is back to his svelte former self (no sign of the six-pack yet).

As for me, well I was approaching the ‘dangerous’ 35″ waist measurement. Even though I was eating healthily (according to Conventional Wisdom) the pounds kept creeping on. I can’t tell you how much weight either of us have lost because I threw away the scales years ago (it’s too demoralising watching the weight relentlessly going up) but so far I have knocked 1 1/2″ off my waist measurement. I still have a way to go but the figures are going in the right direction and it’s not been hard.

Our fitness levels are improving too.

The primal (and paleo) communities are a creative, resourceful and generous bunch of people. There are numerous websites and blogs abounding with advice, information and delicious primal recipes. They have been invaluable to me and I could not have made the changes in my lifestyle without them. I have been inspired by these generous people to start this blog. I hope that documenting and sharing our experiences will be of use to others  – even if it only helps one other it will have been worth it.

Oh, and I am also hoping that writing this blog will help me live Primal Blueprint Rule #10: Use Your Brain!

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